Brother Josephs’ Sonic Treasure – Episode 3

This folks was a difficult dig giving the weather we had to endure rain, sleet, snow and hail stones as big as fitbas. We just had an air of lets get on with it. The trusted kettle needed a kettle to help boil the h2o but as we slipped the tea. Marc came up with the idea that in these conditions no smoke machine is required when you have your breath and a flickering head torch. Sean shouted dinners ready. This would be our first and only meal together, Sausages and Tatties. As well as painting aurally this boy can cook.
As the dawn broke a heavy grief stabbed at my heart. Thoughts of all those this year we had lost, never forgotten. The news broke to me whilst that on my dig. One of my sisters had moved to higher plains, Sister Kim McLachlan, a champion of the underdog and good causes, my heart is heavy with this loss, that smile will never be erased from my conscience as I wipe a tear away remember your loved ones but also remember those that have nothing.

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