Jelly Roll Soul ep 21 w/ Rubsilent

Jamie and Robert back in the studio this month with a load of new records and a few exclusives. The show features a special guest mix from fellow cat and record enthusiast Rubsilent. Instead of a big write up check out what the man has to say on his soundcloud…

First and foremost I refuse to fill up this “info” section with a load of “third person” crap about how “rubsilent started to DJ aged 10 months on an old-school belt drive deck and a tape player… etc”.
I’ve been into this since the early 90’s and started to build my record collection back in 1996 or so.
What u should expect to hear on this page is, sometimes deeper, sometimes more up beat mixes between house and techno, perfectly mixed in one hit all on VÄ°NYL.

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